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Policy Paper: Cybersecurity – An Instrument of Influence and Meddling in the Decision-making Process of “Partner” Countries

As is the case with new domains in which the economic activity takes a turn for the better, the huge increase in internet usage and access to the network have more than tripled in the last two decades (in 2005, 16% of the world population have had access to the internet, while in 2017 48% of the world population had access to internet). Therefore, this new sector has attracted the attention of […]

2018 - A turning Year for Armenia?

In this commentary, I will present the causes and the importance of the protests that took place in Armenia after the 2018 presidential elections on its domestic politics. It is not my intention to predict a certain outcome but to highlight the fact large and important parts of Armenian society have become more accepting of protests. PDF version Author: Mihaela-Adriana Pădureanu