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Nord Stream 2. Implications for the Eastern Neighborhood

Executive Summary Nord Stream 2, perhaps the most controversial gas infrastructure project not only has divided the European Union but is also shaping the transatlantic relation while directly impacting the Eastern Neighborhood of the EU. While Germany is boosting the idea that the project is an economic one, South Stream 2 is maybe the most politicized project.  Eastern Europe led by Poland and followed by neighboring Ukraine are directly exposed […]

Kazakhstan’s bilateral partnership with EU and Russia: between political dilemmas and economic interests

In 2007, the European Union launched a visionary strategy for the development of cooperation with Central Asian states. The document, called ‘The EU and Central Asia: Strategy for a New Partnership’ was aiming to enhance EU influence in the region through establishing a broader dialogue with the Central Asian states in areas such as institution-building, rule of law, trade, energy and security. Ten years after its launching, EU’s bilateral relations […]

The Civil Society and Foreign Policy Priorities. The Options Relevance

At this time, foreign policy processes are not a priority of the governments only. Discussions and tasks, pertaining to foreign policy issues, are shared between various participants to the political life. Civil society is one of the key players involved in these discussions. Often civil society representatives succesfully define different options and opportunities of the foreign policy for their states of origin, which are not included on the official agenda. […]