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Policy Brief: Energy policy of Northwestern Black Sea countries after launch of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine: prospects for new configurations

Russia’s war against Ukraine and the Kremlin’s energy blackmail of all of Europe have forced many EU countries and their partners to begin a painful but vital refusal of Russian fuel. The states of the Northwestern Black Sea region – Moldova, Romania and Ukraine – have different histories and volumes of trade relations with Moscow in this area. However, they, being on the direct line of confrontation with Russia or […]

Online Workshop: Perspectives and Levels of the Conflict Analysis, Analytical Framework

The Association of Experts for Security and Global Affairs (Romania) and its partners, Promo-LEX Association (Moldova), European Initiative Liberal Academy Tbilisi (Georgia) and Ukrainian Institute for International Politics (Ukraine), organised on May 13, 2022, the first meeting of the experts involved in the activities dedicated to the implementation of the conflict analysis methodology in the Black Sea region, as well as the strengthening and deepening of cooperation between the project […]

Policy Brief: Mediation of Georgia's Political Crisis by European Union

After contesting the results of Georgia’s parliamentary elections by opposition parties was placed a political impasse between the ruling party Georgian Dream and opposition parties. Negotiations between the parties on overcoming the political crisis have on multiple occasions run into a dead-end, and only as a result of significant external pressure did the parties eventually sign the agreement, which came in the form of a document prepared and presented by […]

Summit-ul Uniunea Europeană – Ucraina. Noi priorități în agenda bilaterală a partenerilor

Pe 8 iulie 2019 la Kiev s-a desfășurat cel de-al 21-lea Summit Uniunea Europeană – Ucraina. În cadrul evenimentului a fost adoptată o și o declarație comună, un angajament reciproc prin care părțile semnatare își asumă anumite obligații pentru aprofundarea dialogului și a interacțiunii. De asemenea, în cadrul evenimentului părțile au mai semnat câteva documente, care confirmă disponibilitatea instituțiilor europene de a acorda asistență financiară pentru Ucraina, în scopul implementării […]

Romania and the Russian Federation: Different Agendas on the Black Sea

Abstract The aim of this paper is to support the structuring policy perspectives of the national security, economic and energy security related relations between Romania and the Russian Federation in the context of Crimea war and intensification of the tensions in the Russia-EU-NATO connections. The Black Sea nexus is the main focus of this paper because this area is possessing a huge geopolitical and geostrategic potentialities to the end that […]

ESGA Q&A. Guest: Alex Nice

Alex Nice, British analyst covering the politics and economics of Russia and the post-Soviet space, Warsaw. In 2013-17 he was Regional Manager at The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in London covering Russia and the CIS. Prior to this he was the Coordinator of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and was subsequently a member of the RIIA Council. This interview was realized […]

Between Two Strategies: More or Less Role for the EU in the Eastern Neighborhood

In December 2016, the EU has launched ‘Eastern Partnership – 20 Deliverables for 2020’, establishing a set of key priorities for the future of the EaP. This document, revised in June 2017, is aiming ‘to act as a work plan guiding the actions in the next phase of the EaP until 2020’, with tangible objectives for all the four platforms on the multilateral track. In terms of security, the EU […]