Romania and the Russian Federation: Different Agendas on the Black Sea



The aim of this paper is to support the structuring policy perspectives of the national security, economic and energy security related relations between Romania and the Russian Federation in the context of Crimea war and intensification of the tensions in the Russia-EU-NATO connections.

The Black Sea nexus is the main focus of this paper because this area is possessing a huge geopolitical and geostrategic potentialities to the end that NATO`s and EU’s partners are involving in the reorganization of the regional yawn.

In an attempt to understand the impact of the Russian aggressiveness over the EU defence system and the cooperation for pace over the Continent, this paper offers an overview of the security issues in the Eastern European region.

Keywords: Russian Federation, Black Sea, Crimea, NATO, EU, Romania

Catalin Done Policy Paper

About the author:

Cătălin-Gabriel Done is a MA student within the Department of International Relations of European Integration, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, where is studying International Relations and European Integration, including the Eastern Partnership challenges.

Cătălin is working with the ‘Theodor Herzl’ Center for Israeli Studies – NUPSPA, Romania collaborating at the same time with ESGA and Europe Elects, among others. He helps his colleagues and partners by providing the experience he has gained as a researcher in the field of international relations. In February 2019 he led the NUPSPA delegation to CEPS Ideas Lab in Brussels.

He describes himself as a moderate conservative interested in Scandinavian and Eastern Studies, including European Integration.

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