Policy Paper: Cybersecurity – An Instrument of Influence and Meddling in the Decision-making Process of “Partner” Countries


As is the case with new domains in which the economic activity takes a turn for the better, the huge increase in internet usage and access to the network have more than tripled in the last two decades (in 2005, 16% of the world population have had access to the internet, while in 2017 48% of the world population had access to internet). Therefore, this new sector has attracted the attention of policymakers that started to see the opportunities through which they could gain access to different groups and people and capitalize the gains or try to obtain different advantages for them or their country.

In this paper, we will present the evolution of the cyber sector in Europe’s Eastern Neighbourhood and the main threats posed by the threats in this area, for states and non-states actors. Also, we will describe and analyze the main steps taken at international and European levels to respond to these activities. Because most of the clashes between states and non-states actors that took place in cyberspace involved European parts, we consider the topic and the chosen methods as highly relevant for the discussion about cybersecurity.

Mihaela Padureanu Policy Paper Cybersecurity PDF

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