Policy Brief: Mediation of Georgia’s Political Crisis by European Union


After contesting the results of Georgia’s parliamentary elections by opposition parties was placed a political impasse between the ruling party Georgian Dream and opposition parties. Negotiations between the parties on overcoming the political crisis have on multiple occasions run into a dead-end, and only as a result of significant external pressure did the parties eventually sign the agreement, which came in the form of a document prepared and presented by a European Union representative. The policy brief aims to analyze the effectiveness of the mediation between the ruling and opposition political parties and the implementation of compromise-based policy. Against the post-electoral crisis in Georgia, EU intervention has been a severe test of its leverage over the country. The main goal of the analysis was to define the role of the European Union in the mediation of the political crisis in Georgia and determine if this external support can prevent an imminent crisis.

Policy Paper Georgia Sorin Bogdea

Author: Sorin Bogdea MA student in the Evaluation of European Public Policies and Programs, SNSPA, Bucharest. He is currently an intern at the Association of Experts for Security and Global Affairs, the main areas of research interest are the European integration process of the Eastern Partnership countries, especially the Caucasus region.

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