Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum 2018, Bucharest, Romania


Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum, 14th-16th of November, 2018. Bucharest, Romania.

Over 25 top-notch experts from both Eastern Partnership Countries and the European Union together with almost 100 participants will gather in the second edition of the Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum. The event will address the current challenges and future perspectives of the European Unions Eastern Partnership policy. The Bucharest edition is the second one, and it is organized by Experts for Security and Global Affairs together with the Institute for European Policies and Reforms, Republic of Moldova, the Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies, and New Europe Center, Ukraine.


This event aims to further develop the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’s network of think-tanks in order to propose a comprehensive, national and regional vision over the security sector of the Eastern Partnership in the light of the 2020 deliverables.

More details about the #EaPTTF2018 you can find here: #EaPTTF2018


Video: Marius Sfetea

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