Policy Paper: How the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea Annexation Challenged the Baltic States


The Russian aggressive and their provocative policy in the region have confirmed that Russia with its politico-economic system generates a challenge to the West. This article demonstrates an approach to security and foreign policymaking of the three Baltic States considering the Ukraine crisis which was perceived as one of their biggest foreign policy challenges and this is the reason why I intend to explain the reaction of the Baltic States. Thus, following the fact the EU is one of the main political platforms that the Baltic States use to achieve their main objectives, my main goal is to identify the degree of Europeanization of the Baltic States in the context of the Ukraine crisis by analyzing the main discourses of their political officials so, in the end, I would be able to define the effectiveness of this policies. From here, I also intend to identify if these countries have had a joint stance and consequently if these countries have pursued similar policies as a response to potential aggression from Russia.

Dhimitraq Xhacka Policy Paper

All the views and opinions belong to the author and do not necessarily represent those of the ESGA or ESGA Partners.

About the author: Dhimitraq Xhacka, BA, International Relations and European Studies, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration. From October 2019, he is studying “Diplomacy and International Negotiations” at the same University within the Department of International Relations of European Integration. Currently, Dhimitraq Xhacka has collaboration with ESGA and with ESN Bucharest. In November 2018, he helped in organizing the International Business Diplomacy Conference.

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