Policy Brief: Ukraine-Romania Cooperation under NATO umbrella (in the context of Russian military expansion in Europe)

The general understanding of security and key threats in the neighborhood and in the Wider Black Sea region went through a process of significant evolution in Romania . The Russian aggression first against in Georgia in 2008 and then in Ukraine starting from 2014 and with a high point in 2022 have triggered the process of such evolution. Bucharest has put its stakes on Trans-Atlantic solidarity, strengthening its ties with […]

Policy Brief: Romanian Facilitation to Ukrainian Export in Wartimes

Ukrainian export in 2021 reached USD 68.1 billion and demonstrated constant growth (up to 40% compared to 2020). Of this amount, 12.4 billion were secured by cereals, yet 7 billion were animal or plant fats and oils. Much of this volume has been exported by sea. As Ukrainian seaports have been blocked by the Russian navy and military actions since February, so both government and business needed to search for […]

Policy Brief: Ukraine - Romanian Perspectives of Maritime Cooperation

Ukraine and Romania have shared the vision of the Black Sea security, maritime development and the necessity to increase regional cooperation for quite a long time. Nevertheless, due to objective and subjective reasons, maritime cooperation has never been at a sufficient level. With the Russian blockade of the Black Sea and rapprochement in Ukraine-Romania and Ukraine-EU/NATO relations, there is a new window of opportunity to boost such cooperation, including long-term […]

Policy Brief: The reaction of the Black Sea countries on Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine: analysis of the objections

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, was not only a violation of international humanitarian law and an encroachment on the sovereignty of an independent country. This move has put the security of all European countries at significant risk, as the Kremlin’s main focus of aggressive rhetoric in recent years has been on the West. Even before the massive offensive on Ukraine, Moscow used disinformation and lobbyists, energy […]

Policy Brief: Romania - US Political and Security Relations in the Wider Context of the Black Sea Region

In recent years, since the inauguration of President Donald Trump and continuing this trend all the way to the presidency of Joseph R. Biden, the United States has begun to pay more and more attention to Romania in the context of its own interests in Central and Eastern Europe. This interest was primarily due to Romania’s significant role in the security system of NATO’s eastern flank and Romania’s importance to […]

Online Workshop: Perspectives and Levels of the Conflict Analysis, Analytical Framework

The Association of Experts for Security and Global Affairs (Romania) and its partners, Promo-LEX Association (Moldova), European Initiative Liberal Academy Tbilisi (Georgia) and Ukrainian Institute for International Politics (Ukraine), organised on May 13, 2022, the first meeting of the experts involved in the activities dedicated to the implementation of the conflict analysis methodology in the Black Sea region, as well as the strengthening and deepening of cooperation between the project […]

Policy Paper: The hybrid war dynamics and mechanisms: Why does the internal needs-assessment matter?

For an audience familiar with the internal realities of Azerbaijan’s politics and economy, its country profile will highlight its potential to influence regional projects and energy policies. But, it will also entirely explain accelerated military sector investment1, argued by the extended war from the Nagorno Karabakh region. An in-depth analysis will also show that Azerbaijan is developing in a dynamic environment, conditioned by the evolution of foreign policy and national […]

Press-release: "The unresolved conflicts from Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. A common EaP and EU vision for reconciliation and confidence-building across the region"

The Experts for Security and Global Affairs Association (Romania), and its partners, Promo-LEX Association (Republic of Moldova), European Initiative Liberal Academy Tbilisi (Georgia), and Ukrainian Institute for International Politics (Ukraine), has the honour to announce the launch of the project, “The unresolved conflicts from Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. A common EaP and EU vision for reconciliation and confidence-building across the region”. Project goal The project aims at […]

Policy Brief: Cyber Security in the Context of Ukraine - NATO Cooperation

The formation of cybersecurity in Ukraine is considered in the context of modern challenges of information policy in a hybrid war. This paper analyses the evolution of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity between Ukraine and the NATO states and the diminishing vulnerability of Ukraine’s cyberspace. The main purpose of the analysis is to define the role of strengthening international cooperation for the investigation of cybercrime that ensures the security […]

(Video) Interviu: Ortodoxia rămâne a fi un catalizator geopolitic

Biserica și religia sunt elemente inerente ale vieții sociale contemporane. Relațiile culturale și spirituale pot influența categoric relațiile intersociale, iar România, ca stat sud-est european, se revendică din tradiția bizantină a relației Stat-Biserică. Astfel, ortodoxia, ca filosofie de viață, devine etalon al spiritului social național. Invitatul nostru de astăzi este domnul Teodor Baconschi, antropolog religios, teolog, diplomat, fost ministru al afacerilor externe. Alături de Excelența Sa am încercată să aflăm […]