Policy Brief: Energy policy of Northwestern Black Sea countries after launch of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine: prospects for new configurations

Russia’s war against Ukraine and the Kremlin’s energy blackmail of all of Europe have forced many EU countries and their partners to begin a painful but vital refusal of Russian fuel. The states of the Northwestern Black Sea region – Moldova, Romania and Ukraine – have different histories and volumes of trade relations with Moscow in this area. However, they, being on the direct line of confrontation with Russia or […]

Policy Paper: România și securitatea energetică. Evoluția relațiilor cu Gazprom

English Abstract: This paper is an analysis of Russia’s behavior and the interference of its Government in the security policies of Central and South-Eastern Europe. The main goal of the analysis was to determine the impact of Russian implications in the national security of Romania in the context of the development of economic relations between Romania – an EU and NATO member state with huge strategic importance for the Euro-Atlantic […]

Nord Stream 2. Implications for the Eastern Neighborhood

Executive Summary Nord Stream 2, perhaps the most controversial gas infrastructure project not only has divided the European Union but is also shaping the transatlantic relation while directly impacting the Eastern Neighborhood of the EU. While Germany is boosting the idea that the project is an economic one, South Stream 2 is maybe the most politicized project.  Eastern Europe led by Poland and followed by neighboring Ukraine are directly exposed […]

Lansare rezultate proiect:

Asociatia Experts For Security and Global Affairs lansează rezultatele oficiale ale proiectului  “Campania de mobilizare pentru acces la energie electrică al proprietarilor din ansamblurile rezidențiale noi”  COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ                                                                         Joi, 29 Noiembrie 2018 Asociația Experts for Security and Global Affairs (ESGA) lansează rezultatele proiectului „Campania de mobilizare pentru acces la energie electrica al proprietarilor din ansamblurile rezidențiale noi”.    Proiectul s-a desfășurat în perioada 1 aprilie 2018 – 30 noiembrie […]

Energie electrică în blocuri noi

Din aprilie 2018 ESGA a început implementarea proiectului “Campania de mobilizare pentru acces la energie electrică ai proprietarilor din ansamblurile rezidențiale noi”.  Am pornit de la identificarea nevoii de a oferi informații cu privire la racordarea la energie electrică ale apartamentelor noi, nevoie care insotește procesul de urbanizare și se subscrie cadrului național de dezvoltare a fondului imobiliar pe de o parte, și a asigurării securității energetice pe de altă […]

Guest post: Gas transit via Ukraine after 2019

On July 17, 2018, in Berlin the tripartite talks on gas transit through the territory of Ukraine for the period after 2019, were held by Ukraine, Russia and European Commission. Although this time the Russian side, was not to able to participate fruitfully in drawing up a framework concept for a new contract on gas transit through the territory of Ukraine, the consultations laid the grounds for the future negotiations […]

ESGA Q&A. Guest: Mikhail Krutikhin

Dr. Mikhail Krutihin, a top-notch Russian energy analyst, co-founder and leading analyst of RusEnergy ( was ESGA’s main guest in June 2017 Below are examples of his views on the problems of the energy sector from an interview made by Leonela Lenes, expert on energy security energy diplomacy, Head of Economy/Energy Department, ESGA, co-founder of ESGA Moldova. This interview was realized by Leonela Leca, ESGA in Bucharest on June […]

Energie electrică pentru blocuri noi

Unul din aspectele cheie de soluționat din perspectiva României în Directiva UE privind regulile comune care se referă la piață internă de energie electrică îl constituie drepturile consumatorilor. La nivel național, dispunem de măsuri limitate de intervenție și mecanisme insuficiente de informare și protejare a consumatorilor de energie electrică. În ultimul deceniu, în România, s-au înregistrat numeroase situații în care consumatorii casnici, primii proprietari de locuințe în ansamble rezidențiale noi, […]

Economic and Energy Policies Perspectives, between political and commercial narrative

Experts for Security and Global Affairs Association (ESGA) has organized on June 12th, 2017, the third debate ”Russian Economic and Energy Policies Perspectives for Stagnation or Change during Putin’s Last Presidential Term”. The guest speaker of the event was Dr. Mikhail Krutikhin, co-founder and leading analyst of RusEnergy, Moscow, Russian Federation along with Dr. Adrian Gheorghe, Professor, Engineering Management & Systems Engineering, Old Dominion University, USA. The discussion was focused […]