Policy Paper: România și securitatea energetică. Evoluția relațiilor cu Gazprom


English Abstract:

This paper is an analysis of Russia’s behavior and the interference of its Government in the security policies of Central and South-Eastern Europe. The main goal of the analysis was to determine the impact of Russian implications in the national security of Romania in the context of the development of economic relations between Romania – an EU and NATO member state with huge strategic importance for the Euro-Atlantic structures and Russia’s economic branches.

For a long time, Romania has had a touchy relationship with the Russian Federation, with Romanian’s high level of energy independence being a potential source of commercial disputes on the energy market. Russian authorities tried to limit this independence by entering into the Romanian energy market with companies controlled directly by Gazprom or within spheres of economic, banking, technological and cultural exchanges.

Cătălin Done Policy Paper Romanian

About the author:

Cătălin-Gabriel Done is an MA student within the Department of International Relations of European Integration, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, where is studying International Relations and European Integration, including the Eastern Partnership challenges.

Cătălin is working with the ‘Theodor Herzl’ Center for Israeli Studies – NUPSPA, Romania collaborating at the same time with ESGA and Europe Elects, among others. He helps his colleagues and partners by providing the experience he has gained as a researcher in the field of international relations. In February 2019 he led the NUPSPA delegation to CEPS Ideas Lab in Brussels.

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