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The Experts for Security and Global Affairs Association (ESGA), Bucharest is a Romanian think tank designed as an online platform that brings together researchers, experts, analysts, journalists, civil society representatives from Romania, Republic of Moldova and from abroad, specialized in the study of political, socio-economic and security the of the ex-soviet space, Euro-Atlantic area and the Middle East. ESGA is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization and think tank.

On June 27, 2017, it was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova the Experts for Security and Global Affairs Moldova Association with separate legal personality, but promoting the same values as ESGA Association, Romania.

The goal of the ESGA Associations is to create an online platform (a network of experts from different fields), bringing together experts, academics and civil society representatives from Romania, Republic of Moldova, the Euro-Atlantic area, the former Soviet space and the Middle East.

ESGA mission is to promote Romania and Republic of Moldova as coherent actors in the region by increasing their capacity to influence the European and transatlantic public agenda. ESGA aims are to formulate and implement strategies, policies, and recommendations for Romania and Republic of Moldova by developing and implementing quality research projects and creating platforms for debates.


The main objective of ESGA is to consolidate and develop Romania and Republic of Moldova as important voices in the EU and in the region by providing expertise in foreign policy, economy, energy and security in the Euro-Atlantic area, the ex-soviet space and the Middle East.

In short, we want to bring Romania and Republic of Moldova closer to their partners from East and South, to the political, economic and energy opportunities that can offer these spaces.

ESGA activities beneficiaries are individuals and businesses, academics and non-academics, representatives of civil society, public authorities, journalists, companies, interested in the evolution of political, economic, social and cultural development of the Euro-Atlantic space, former Soviet Union and the Middle East.

ESGA will work by attracting European funds, funding research projects, donations and sponsorship from individuals, legal entities and other organizations.

Bucharest, Romania

November 2014

Chișinău, Republic of Moldova

June 2017


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