Monthly archives: August 2022

Policy Brief: Ucraina, membră a Uniunii Europene: cum?

Dacă ne imaginăm scena politicii internaționale ca fiind o tablă de șah, decizia regimului Putin de a invada Ucraina a determinat o serie de actori să analizeze mutările următoare. În special Uniunea Europeană (UE), care dorește să mențină pacea pe scena globală, dar mai ales nu este confortabilă pusă în fața unor mișcări atât de rapide și cu consecințe grave pe propriul teritoriu. În general, Uniunea Europeană este un jucător […]

Policy Brief: Ukraine-Romania Cooperation under NATO umbrella (in the context of Russian military expansion in Europe)

The general understanding of security and key threats in the neighborhood and in the Wider Black Sea region went through a process of significant evolution in Romania . The Russian aggression first against in Georgia in 2008 and then in Ukraine starting from 2014 and with a high point in 2022 have triggered the process of such evolution. Bucharest has put its stakes on Trans-Atlantic solidarity, strengthening its ties with […]

Policy Brief: The Promising Dimensions Cooperation of Civil Society in Romania and Ukraine: Alliances, Coordination and Support

Since the beginning of Russian war against Ukraine back in 2014 (when Ukrainian civil society. played a significant if not essential role in satisfying the urgent needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) and after the beginning of the full-scale invasion in February 2022 the Ukrainian civil society proved to be self-organized, resilient and efficient. Unprecedented mobilization across the country defending lives, dignity, rights of all citizens and territorial integrity […]

Policy Brief: The Place of Romania in the Foreign Policy of Russia: Conclusions for Bucharest from the Perspective of Kyiv

The Russian war against Ukraine has become another wake-up call for the West. The taboos on criticizing Russia are being gradually lifted bearing in mind demonstration of total disrespect to any rules by Moscow. Stigmatization of the critics of Russia as Russophobes is not trendy anymore although Russia does its best to return to “good old times” when pro-Russian narratives were dominating. Such situation opens a window of opportunity for […]

Newsletter July 2022: The unresolved Conflicts from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Dear colleagues, As part of the “The unresolved conflicts from Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. A common EaP and EU vision for reconciliation and confidence-building across the region” project, we are delighted to present you our fourth Newsletter. See the full version at the link. The content of the Newsletter is the sole responsibility of the ESGA Association and does not necessarily reflect its partners’ views. “The project benefits from support through […]