Monthly archives: July 2022

Policy Brief: Romanian Facilitation to Ukrainian Export in Wartimes

Ukrainian export in 2021 reached USD 68.1 billion and demonstrated constant growth (up to 40% compared to 2020). Of this amount, 12.4 billion were secured by cereals, yet 7 billion were animal or plant fats and oils. Much of this volume has been exported by sea. As Ukrainian seaports have been blocked by the Russian navy and military actions since February, so both government and business needed to search for […]

Press Release: The Romanian - Ukrainian Civil Society Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation. Third Edition

The Association of Experts for Security and Global Affairs (Bucharest), together with colleagues from the Strategic and Security Studies Group and Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian PRISM” (Kyiv), organized on Thursday, July 28, 2022, the third edition of the civil society forum Romania-Ukraine, dedicated to the strategic partnership between our countries. Organized under the auspices of celebrating 30 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Ukraine, the Forum brought together Romanian […]

Policy Brief: Ukraine - Romanian Perspectives of Maritime Cooperation

Ukraine and Romania have shared the vision of the Black Sea security, maritime development and the necessity to increase regional cooperation for quite a long time. Nevertheless, due to objective and subjective reasons, maritime cooperation has never been at a sufficient level. With the Russian blockade of the Black Sea and rapprochement in Ukraine-Romania and Ukraine-EU/NATO relations, there is a new window of opportunity to boost such cooperation, including long-term […]

Policy Brief: The Republic of Moldova in the Foreign Policies of Ukraine and Romania

The Republic of Moldova is the country landlocked by Ukraine and Romania who are the only country’s land-border neighbours. No doubt, the situation in Moldova matters for both Bucharest in Kyiv. Security risks, economic uncertainty, energy-supplies dependence and environmental challenges may have spillover effect and cross-border impact and affect Ukraine and Romania. The country also has strong historical, cultural and linguistic ties with Romania whereas Ukrainian minority in Moldova is […]