Monthly archives: February 2022

Policy Paper: The hybrid war dynamics and mechanisms: Why does the internal needs-assessment matter?

For an audience familiar with the internal realities of Azerbaijan’s politics and economy, its country profile will highlight its potential to influence regional projects and energy policies. But, it will also entirely explain accelerated military sector investment1, argued by the extended war from the Nagorno Karabakh region. An in-depth analysis will also show that Azerbaijan is developing in a dynamic environment, conditioned by the evolution of foreign policy and national […]

Policy Brief: Romanian-Ukrainian Interuniversity Cooperation – One of the Most Effective European Neighborhood Partnership Instrument

This article is dedicated to the analysis of cross-border cooperation in the educational field between the universities in Romania and Ukraine and analyzes the prospects of the Romanian-Ukrainian partnership in higher education, their preconditions, and the factors that should be paid attention to and elaborated for the continuation of the successful collaboration. The extension of the contacts in the consolidation of the interuniversity partnership plays a crucial role in the […]