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Newsletter January 2022: The unresolved conflicts from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Dear colleagues, As part of the “The unresolved conflicts from Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. A common EaP and EU vision for reconciliation and confidence-building across the region” project, we are delighted to present you our first Newsletter. See the full version at the link. The content of the Newsletter is the sole responsibility of the ESGA Association and does not necessarily reflect its partners’ views.   “The project benefits from […]

Geneva, Brussels and Vienna - failed but necessary negotiations

Following the escalation of diplomatic aggression between the Russian Federation and Western partners, amid increasing Russian military presence on the border with Eastern Ukraine, several rounds of negotiations took place on January 10-14, 2022. Topics such as “NATO enlargement”, the conflict in Ukraine or areas of influence have been addressed to define those red lines that partners cannot accept. The first meeting took place on January 10, 2022, in Geneva, […]