Monthly archives: June 2019

Romania and the Russian Federation: Different Agendas on the Black Sea

Abstract The aim of this paper is to support the structuring policy perspectives of the national security, economic and energy security related relations between Romania and the Russian Federation in the context of Crimea war and intensification of the tensions in the Russia-EU-NATO connections. The Black Sea nexus is the main focus of this paper because this area is possessing a huge geopolitical and geostrategic potentialities to the end that […]

Policy Paper: Relațiile dintre România și Federația Rusă în vremuri tulburi

Chiar dacă relațiile bilaterale trec în plan secundar uneori, ecourile evenimentelor din România și din Federația Rusă capătă atenție în celălalt stat. Modul în care sunt construite relațiile dintre cele două state se confruntă cu o serie de obstacole de natură istorică, economică, politică, militară, printre altele. Interacțiunea și dialogul prin diferite instrumente devin necesare pentru a ameliora riscurile și amenințările pe termen mediu și lung. Plecând de la premisa […]

Nord Stream 2. Implications for the Eastern Neighborhood

Executive Summary Nord Stream 2, perhaps the most controversial gas infrastructure project not only has divided the European Union but is also shaping the transatlantic relation while directly impacting the Eastern Neighborhood of the EU. While Germany is boosting the idea that the project is an economic one, South Stream 2 is maybe the most politicized project.  Eastern Europe led by Poland and followed by neighboring Ukraine are directly exposed […]

Elections in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. What Role for Russian Foreign Policy Tools?

Executive Summary The parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova and the presidential elections in Ukraine, which took place in 2019, are the subject of this policy paper. The aim of the study is to analyze the Russian Federation’s foreign policy instruments and options in addressing the two electoral campaigns, how the narratives of Moscow’s official leaders have developed, as well as the interests of other stakeholders for whom the […]