Monthly archives: November 2017

Russian Federation after Crimea’s Annexation. Impossible to ignore and difficult to engage

Europe’s fundamental security principles and the values of liberal democracy come increasingly under the pressure of Russia’s subversive or aggressive behaviour. Crimea’s annexation and the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine are questioning the viability of the European integration project and the Euro-Atlantic peace and security architecture (especially in the Black sea area, Baltic States and Poland). Moreover, Russia’s support for anti-immigrant, populist and extremist parties in Europe has proved its […]

Republica Moldova și Fondul Monetar Internațional: ce este nou în cadrul parteneriatului bilateral?

De Georgiana Marcu În perioada 25 octombrie -7 noiembrie 2017, în Republica Moldova are loc vizita de lucru a unei echipe de experți ai Fondului Monetar Internațional. În cadrul întrunirii care a avut loc pe data de 25 octombrie 2017, Premierul Republicii Moldova, Pavel Filip, a susținut faptul că sprijinul oferit de Fondul Monetar Internațional este indispensabil pentru implementarea reformelor la nivelul Republicii Moldova. Conform reprezentantului echipei de experți ai […]

The presidency of Igor Dodon and the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict - a year of no results and plenty of declarations

By Alexandru Hîncu The electoral campaign of Igor Dodon was rich in promises regarding the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and the stabilization of the eastern border of the Republic of Moldova. One year after winning the presidential election, Igor Dodon failed to boost the negotiation process due to several causes. Pursuing both political and economic benefits, the majority of causes refer to the different interests that the parties involved […]