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Geneva, Brussels and Vienna - failed but necessary negotiations

Following the escalation of diplomatic aggression between the Russian Federation and Western partners, amid increasing Russian military presence on the border with Eastern Ukraine, several rounds of negotiations took place on January 10-14, 2022. Topics such as “NATO enlargement”, the conflict in Ukraine or areas of influence have been addressed to define those red lines that partners cannot accept. The first meeting took place on January 10, 2022, in Geneva, […]

Policy Brief: Cyber Security in the Context of Ukraine - NATO Cooperation

The formation of cybersecurity in Ukraine is considered in the context of modern challenges of information policy in a hybrid war. This paper analyses the evolution of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity between Ukraine and the NATO states and the diminishing vulnerability of Ukraine’s cyberspace. The main purpose of the analysis is to define the role of strengthening international cooperation for the investigation of cybercrime that ensures the security […]

Romania and the Russian Federation: Different Agendas on the Black Sea

Abstract The aim of this paper is to support the structuring policy perspectives of the national security, economic and energy security related relations between Romania and the Russian Federation in the context of Crimea war and intensification of the tensions in the Russia-EU-NATO connections. The Black Sea nexus is the main focus of this paper because this area is possessing a huge geopolitical and geostrategic potentialities to the end that […]

Rolul societăţii civile în procesul de luare a deciziilor de politică externă şi securitate. Studiu de caz: Republica Moldova

Acest articol a fost prezentat în cadrul conferinței internaționale “Viitorul Parteneriatului Republica Moldova – NATO în condițiile noilor provocări regionale” organizată de către CID NATO la Chișinău pe data de 3 iunie, 2015 Sursa: Centrul de Informare și Documentare privind NATO în Moldova Analiza şi abordarea interdisciplinară a proceselor politice nu este un fenomen nou în cadrul studiului ştiinţelor politice, iar conexiunea dintre politica externă şi securitatea naţională a unui stat […]