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Policy Brief: Mediation of Georgia's Political Crisis by European Union

After contesting the results of Georgia’s parliamentary elections by opposition parties was placed a political impasse between the ruling party Georgian Dream and opposition parties. Negotiations between the parties on overcoming the political crisis have on multiple occasions run into a dead-end, and only as a result of significant external pressure did the parties eventually sign the agreement, which came in the form of a document prepared and presented by […]

The second edition of the EaPTTF: A New Security Agenda for EaP. The Regional Approach (14th November – 16th November 2018, Bucharest)

The second edition of the Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum with the title ” A New Security Agenda for EaP. The Regional Approach” was held between November 14 – 16, 2018 in Bucharest, Romania under the auspices of the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council. The event was organized by the Experts for Security and Global Affairs Association (Romania) in partnership with  the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), […]

Study: Association agreements between the EU and Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine

On August 30, 2018, our colleague, Kamil Całus, from the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) in Warsaw, presented in Bruxelles at the reunion of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) the briefing paper dedicated to the implementation of the Association Agreement and DCFTA between European Union and the Republic of Moldova, elaborated in cooperation with Dr Angela Gramada from the Security and Global Affairs Association (ESGA) in Bucharest, and […]

Perindarea conflictului transnistrean prin foruri internaționale. Cazul ONU

Autor: Alexandru Hîncu Deși președintele Republicii Moldova, Igor Dodon, și-a asumat explicit soluționarea disputei transnistrene, acțiunile acestuia fac dovada unei lipse de substanță în soluții, iar rețetele politice propuse nu par a fi viabile la Chișinău sau Tiraspol. Contextul instituțional și legislativ actual din Republica Moldova nu conferă șefului statului o marjă prea mare de manevră, competențe și atribuții în raport cu realizarea promisiunilor electorale. Respectiv, președintele reiterează necontenit varianta […]

Between Two Strategies: More or Less Role for the EU in the Eastern Neighborhood

In December 2016, the EU has launched ‘Eastern Partnership – 20 Deliverables for 2020’, establishing a set of key priorities for the future of the EaP. This document, revised in June 2017, is aiming ‘to act as a work plan guiding the actions in the next phase of the EaP until 2020’, with tangible objectives for all the four platforms on the multilateral track. In terms of security, the EU […]