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Newsletter January 2022: The unresolved conflicts from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Dear colleagues, As part of the “The unresolved conflicts from Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. A common EaP and EU vision for reconciliation and confidence-building across the region” project, we are delighted to present you our first Newsletter. See the full version at the link. The content of the Newsletter is the sole responsibility of the ESGA Association and does not necessarily reflect its partners’ views.   “The project benefits from […]

Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum 2018, Bucharest, Romania

Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum, 14th-16th of November, 2018. Bucharest, Romania. Over 25 top-notch experts from both Eastern Partnership Countries and the European Union together with almost 100 participants will gather in the second edition of the Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum. The event will address the current challenges and future perspectives of the European Unions Eastern Partnership policy. The Bucharest edition is the second one, and it is organized […]