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Press Release: Romanian – Ukrainian Civil Society Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation. Third Edition

The Experts for Security and Global Affairs Association and its partners in Ukraine, Strategic and Security Studies Group and Ukrainian Foreign Council “Prism” continue to support the efforts of political actors and civil society to contribute to the proper development of bilateral partnership between Romania and Ukraine. Thus, between July 2021 – April 2022, the partner organizations will implement the “Romanian – Ukrainian Civil Society Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation. […]

Dialogues with Russia for a New Generation of Experts

Europe’s fundamental security principles and the values of liberal democracy come increasingly under the pressure of Russia’s subversive or aggressive behavior. Crimea’s annexation and the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine are questioning the viability of European integration project and the architecture of Euro-Atlantic peace and security (especially in the Black sea area, Baltic States and Poland). Moreover Russia’s support for anti-immigrant, populist and extremist parties in Europe has proved its […]