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Policy Brief: Mediation of Georgia's Political Crisis by European Union

After contesting the results of Georgia’s parliamentary elections by opposition parties was placed a political impasse between the ruling party Georgian Dream and opposition parties. Negotiations between the parties on overcoming the political crisis have on multiple occasions run into a dead-end, and only as a result of significant external pressure did the parties eventually sign the agreement, which came in the form of a document prepared and presented by […]

Policy Paper: How the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea Annexation Challenged the Baltic States

The Russian aggressive and their provocative policy in the region have confirmed that Russia with its politico-economic system generates a challenge to the West. This article demonstrates an approach to security and foreign policymaking of the three Baltic States considering the Ukraine crisis which was perceived as one of their biggest foreign policy challenges and this is the reason why I intend to explain the reaction of the Baltic States. […]